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ap_portalWe’re excited to announce a new resource page just for our AP teachers called AP Questions & Answers. This page organizes all of the great AP practice content and information we have in one place.

Here’s what you can find:

Our digital “shelf” of AP workbooks.

Our workbooks feature carefully organized question-and-answer sets, which we fondly call “pods.” We have curated digital resources from trusted sources to bring you everything from the classic Calculus to the popular Psychology. You can assign pods in class, use them in flipped learning, or recommend them to students as they study next spring.

  • cover_AP_UShistoryOur latest addition is a theme-based digital workbook for the new AP U.S. History curriculum. Our original questions, crafted by established AP author and teacher Greg Feldmeth, correspond to short passages and images –  just as they will on the 2015 exam. (The Open Door Policy, of course, is part of Theme 5: America and the World.) Students can check their understanding as you cover each issue and revisit them before the May exam.

An overview of our tools for teachers.

Check out how to create groups, assign practice sets, and track student progress.

Where there’s an open door, there’s opportunity. If you have an inventory of great AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, or AP Statistics questions that could be used to create a workbook, learn more about becoming a contributing author for extra income!


AP insights… from you!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to engage in discussions with present and former AP students and AP teachers through our blog. We’ve also used our blog to bring you up to date on score reporting and exam registrations.

If you would like to be featured in our AP blog series, or if you’d like to share a valuable teaching resource, write to us: teach@learningpod.com. Our door’s always open to AP teachers.

Posted on November 7th, 2014

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