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Flipped Classrooms, Problem-Solving, and Learningpod

When it comes to the flipped classroom, even the most traditional lecture-style teachers are becoming believers. The flipping methodology, which began in the 1990s and became more widely popularized in the  2000s with Sal Khan’s videos, puts problem-solving front and center. And problem-solving is what Learningpod is all about.

The great news about flipped learning is that it’s being used successfully at all levels.

Elementary and Middle School

At the elementary and middle school levels, flipped learning makes sense when teaching a unit. 

Lesson Plan: Grade 6 Math
For Grade 6 Math teachers, we recently recommended flipping the classroom to teach Displaying Data. In our Flipping the Classroom: Grade 6 Edition blog, we illustrate how to follow at-home assignments with Learningpod warm-up questions, which many refer to as “Do Now” exercises. Students work in pairs to solve problems or take turns quizzing one another. While test day isn’t a favorite day of students, many enjoy question-and-answer games as a means of review.

High School

In high school, lectures and concepts are more complex than they are in middle school, leading to more rigorous exercises. Using our pods (question sets) for online practice makes this easier, since students can get immediate feedback.

Case Study: AP U.S. Government
In one of our more popular blogs, Flipped Learning and AP® U.S. Government: A Case Study, Frank Franz illustrates how his role has changed since flipping his AP U.S. Government and Politics class. Frank  records his lectures, and students play them back. (Frank appears in the lower right corner of the screen while the student watches clips and uploads questions to the Google Drive.) The next day, Frank reviews those questions and answers before initiating a fresh work session. (Learningpod has an  AP®  U.S. Government and Politics workbook ready for Frank’s students as they review.)


At the college level, professors are reaping the benefits of flipped classrooms as well. One tip is to start small – with a lesson, topic, chapter, or once a week (e.g., “flipped Friday”), and see where it leads.

Tips, Tricks, and Tactics
We recently profiled South Florida’s Professor Erik Christensen, who uses flipped learning for his classes and talks about it on the lecture circuit. To date, Erik has flipped both his physics and astrobiology classes and  has used Learningpod’s authoring tool to create hundreds of questions catered to the needs of his students. When students tackle pods, Erik gets a sense of how well they have mastered pre-class work.  Physics lecturers and their students will be thrilled to know that Erik’s questions and answers are open and available on learningpod.com.

Share your flipped learning experiences with Learningpod. Write to us: teach@learningpod.com.

Posted on November 17th, 2014

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