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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I assign a pod to my class?

Want to assign a pod to your class? Learn how.

Glossary of Terms

This glossary will help you navigate around Learningpod.com.

Why do some members have a crown icon (premium) next to their usernames?

Users with the crown icon next to their names are premium partners who work closely with Learningpod to help provide free questions to everyone.

How do I print pods?

Here’s how to print out pods. You can even print the questions and answer keys separately!

How do I embed pods on my website?

Want to put the power of Learningpod on your own site? Use the embed code!

Is Learningpod only for practice or quizzes?

It doesn’t have to be! You can use Learningpod for instruction as well. Here’s how.

Which question types does Learningpod support?

Learningpod currently supports four question types: multiple choice, multiple select, short answer and guided questions.

How many questions does Learningpod have available for free?

Get an updated count of our question library.

What is a Guided Question?

A guided question is an instructional item that is presented as a question and answer pair.

How do I create my own custom pod (set of questions) on Learningpod?

Learn how to create a custom pod, with specific questions ordered in the way you want.

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