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Glossary of Terms

Items Types

  • Pod: a set of questions put together, like a quiz or homework assignment.
  • Instapod: a set of questions (or “pod”) generated automatically based on selected topics.
  • Workbook: a set of pods put together, sometimes aligned to a complete course, textbook, or exam.
  • Question: a sentence or phrase to illicit information or test knowledge. On Learningpod, these can be formatted as multiple choice, multiple select, short answer, or guided questions.
  • Explanation: a few sentences that make the reason behind a right or wrong answer clear.
    Note: It’s a good idea to provide detailed explanations to questions whenever possible.

Question Types

  • Multiple choice: a question that presents mutiple answer choices with one correct answer.
  • Multiple select: a question that presents multiple answer choices with multiple correct answers.
  • Short answer: a question that asks the user to enter their own answer.
  • Guided question: a pre-answered question that includes an explanation.


  • Topic: category type on Learningpod used to sort content by subject area
    Ex: Economics or Psychology
  • Student Level: category type on Learningpod used to sort content by grade level
    Ex: Grade 2 or Undergraduate
  • Exam: category type on Learningpod used to sort content by test names.
    Ex: AP Exams, GMAT, or SAT Subject Tests
  • Premium: a badge indicating that content was authored by a trusted partner

Using the Site

  • Practiced: a question or pod that has been answered
  • Favorites: the pods and questions that you’ve marked with a golden star with your account
  • Published: a pod or question that you’ve written and published the platform
  • Draft: a question or pod in progress that has not yet been published
  • Unlisted: questions and pods that cannot be found in search results
  • Listed: questions and pods that will appear in search results

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