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How to Create Pods

You need to be a Learningpod member to create pods. Sign up now, it’s free! Once you’re logged in, find a question you’d like to add to a pod.

  1. Find the white ACTIONS button at the top of the question page.
  2. Click on the ACTIONS button and select “Add Question to Pod.”
  3. If you’ve never created a pod before, you’ll be asked to start a new one. Click on the blue “new draft pod” link.
    In this example we’re adding a question titled “Which triangle is similiar to this triangle?”
  4. Name your new pod and give it a description.
  5. You’ll see that you’ve added your first question. Click on the blue “Done” link.
  6. Find more questions and use the ACTIONS button to add them. Select which pod you want to add them to.
  7. You can edit your pod by clicking on the link within Added to pod in Step 6 or by going to your dashboard. You can update your pod title, reorganize your questions, and add categories.
    When you’re ready, publish your pod using the blue PUBLISH POD button at the bottom of the page. And you’re done!

Now learn how to assign a pod to a group.

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