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20 Million Minds Question Writing Grant

The 20 Million Minds Foundation (20MM) grant for Learningpod authors is designed to continuously add value to open educational resources by rewarding the creation of high-quality question sets associated with open textbooks. The participants in this semester-long program will receive ongoing support from the Learningpod team and a $1000 grant from 20MM.

As a strong supporter of Open Educational Resources (OER), Learningpod converts questions from open textbooks and makes them available for interactive practice. OER educators can write their own questions and align them directly to the textbooks for the entire community to use.

How it Works

1. Adopt one of these OpenStax College textbooks in your classroom.

2. Use Learningpod alongside your textbook.

  • Assign students homework and extra online practice with Learningpod.
  • Write 3-7 of your own questions per chapter (100 total for the semester).
  • Participate in short monthly feedback calls and surveys that will culminate in a case study.

3. Receive a $1000 grant from The 20 Million Minds Foundation.

Click Here to Apply

Grants will be awarded to 1-2 professors per textbook.

Have questions? Our outreach manager Scott Smith can help. Email him at scott@learningpod.com.