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Digital Conversion Program

Are your quiz, homework, and textbook questions trapped in Word documents and PDFs? Learningpod can help you unlock your questions by making them available online.

Free for Teachers

Turn your old homework assignments and quizzes into online question sets! You just need to send us your files and we’ll take care of the rest. Once digital, you can take advantage of all the Learningpod tools, including group assignment management, instant grading, and 24/7 access to learning opportunities for your students. Contact info@learningpod.com to get started!

Publisher Jumpstart

Thinking about online distribution? Convert your question content with Learningpod and instantly open the door to textbook supplements, lead generation, and mobile apps. We’ll work with your existing partners and projects, too. Contact info@learningpod.com to learn more.

EdTech Power-Up

Learningpod helps EdTech companies supercharge their products with interactive practice and assessment. We’ll convert your question content and then send it directly back into your product through our API. Contact info@learningpod.com to learn more.

Have questions? Our outreach manager Scott Smith can help. Email him at scott@learningpod.com.