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School-Wide Student Reporting

We’re offering free school-wide aggregated reports as part of our national pilot program this Fall. If you’re interested in the pilot program, you can find more information here.

What can administrators learn about their school?

Reports help school administrators get a broad view of overall academic performance and identify areas that need the most support.

  • Track academic improvement over time
  • Identify best and worst performing subjects
  • Search for specific classrooms or students
  • Find ways to better support teachers

How can teachers use reports?

Reports are a great way for teachers to easily track their students over time and ensure they’re all keeping up with the pace of the classroom.

  • Identify commonly misunderstood themes
  • Address individual student needs
  • Challenge students and test levels of understanding
  • Track time & encourage achievement

To get aggregated reporting for your school, learn more about our pilot program or sign up now.


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