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How a Textbook Hero Flips His Classroom

Known as a textbook hero, South Florida professor Erik Christensen is now also an advocate for flipped learning. He uses flipped learning and open textbooks to engage his students and produce better results, and you can too!

16 Undergraduate-Level Open Course Supplements

The 16 workbooks below act as supplements to these online courses and textbooks, and can be used by both professors and students.

20MM & Learningpod Kick-Off Grant for OpenStax Textbooks

These four professors from around the world are gearing up to supercharge OpenStax textbooks with Learningpod. Click to read how.

Case Study: Learningpod & Free Textbooks

“The seamless integration of Learningpod into my class unquestionably has added value to the open education resources that I am using.” -Professor Erik Christensen


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